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IvyHealth is an innovative technology company involved in health care and aims at improving the welfare of people like you. We create electronic devices and develop applications to help you monitor your physical condition and reach the personal improvement goals you have set yourself.

We connect your health with the world and offer you data, advice, recommendations and personalised diets to help you on your road to a better lifestyle and greater wellbeing.

Join Ivyhealth and start feeling better.

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Making of IvyHealth

The “Making of” IvyHealth is now available. Discover its best shots. Intense days of filming. You will soon be able to enjoy the very well-made IvyHealth promotional videos thanks to film crew, Ikaika Media and the...


How to avoid overtraining

Doing sports is great but rarely do we hear of the risks of ‘doing too much exercise’ and how these excesses can harm the people doing the sport. As previously posted, habitual physical activity is beneficial...


Functional foods

We’ve all heard these words: “It helps your defences”, “It facilitates intestinal transit” or “It will help reduce your cholesterol levels”. They describe the benefits of certain functional foods. This trend is quickly growing due, in...


Wholegrain, why not?

Cereals have always been a fundamental part of our diet. Of course, we need to differentiate between refined and wholegrain cereals. Which are most popular? We are offering you detailed information on cereals and a...


How much should an athlete drink?

Some sportspeople do not reach the recommended daily water intake, which is between 1.5 and 2 litres of water, while others actually exceed it. Can you tell which group you belong to? Water and sport go...


Is your diet varied?

Do you know if your diet is balanced? For your diet to be varied as well as healthy, first of all, you need to know the main food groups. Each of them has its own function...


Warming up, the great unknown

Warming up is fundamental. You have heard that hundreds of times but, sometimes, you just forget and don’t give it the importance it deserves. You should prepare your body to go from a resting to...


How to keep your cholesterol in check

Cholesterol is a natural waxy substance found in the body and, although you may find it hard to believe, a certain amount is indispensable for the proper functioning of all the body’s cells. The two main...

Which morphological group do you belong to?

Have you ever considered why your body is shaped as it is? Today we would like to help you understand the different morphological groups that exist in individuals. It is important for you to know your...