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Choosing sports clothes


Choosing sports clothes

Sports are constantly evolving and sports brands adapt to these changes to offer quality and innovative material in their sportswear.

At IvyHealth we are offering some tips to help you make the right choice in material.

Remember that you have to wear the proper clothes and gear to do sport. You don’t need to spend a lot. You just need to know which material best suits each type of activity.

Below are four keys to know what to look for when choosing sportswear:

1. Forget about non-breathable clothes. They will make you perspire more and you will only loose fluid. Don’t fool yourself! It will not help you lose weight and, to make matters worse, your health may be at risk.

2. A dry garment, no matter how sheer it is, slows down heat loss when compared with the same garment when wet.

3. Sportswear must be light, made from cotton, loose and allow the air to flow freely between them and the skin.

4. The colour is also important as dark colours absorb more radiation, thus facilitating radiant heat gain while light colours reflect the sun’s rays.


Choosing the right sportswear

The consequences of wearing unsuitable sportswear may be felt relatively soon -that is, in a few days- or it may take a few weeks or even months for you to notice.

When we speak of using unsuitable sportswear, we are referring to using:

– Footwear which is not recommended for the particular sport.
– Using gear in bad condition.
– Using unsuitable sportswear for the season of the year.
– Using unsuitable clothing for the sports activity.

The consequences will depend on the type of mistake you make but can vary from chafed skin or skin reactions from using unsuitable garments to more serious lesions like tendinitis, sprains or bone wear and tear. That’s why we believe that the consequences may be immediate or show up in the long term and some may even be irreversible.

As you can see it is an important decision. Take your time when choosing what kind of clothing to use in your daily routine.

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