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IvyHealth is an innovative technology company involved in health care and aims at improving the welfare of people like you. We create electronic devices and develop applications to help you monitor your physical condition and reach the personal improvement goals you have set yourself.

We connect your health with the world and offer you data, advice, recommendations and personalised diets to help you on your road to a better lifestyle and greater wellbeing.

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IvyHealth Kids App

Constantly monitor your baby's temperature

What does IvyHealth Kids do?

Multiple children

Thanks to the app, you can take control of the temperature of all the babies and children you want

Constant monitoring

You will be able to know the temperature of your baby at a distance and to see detail of all the values every 10 minutes to analyze data, compare and share


There is no need to pair the device with the Smartphone; with IvySync, Bluetooth synchronization is automatic

The IvyHealth Kids App

allows a comprehensive control of your child when it has a fever and stores offline and online data securely.

IvyHealth Kids advantages

Available for iOS devices

Secure storage

Sending personalized alerts based on pre-set temperature

Multiple children / users on the same account

Automatic Bluetooth connection (IvySync)

Visual graphs and reports to share