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Baby Wireless Thermometer

REFERENCE: IVBT01-BL     EAN13: 8432471136513
REFERENCE: IVBT01-PK     EAN13: 8432471136520

The temperature of your baby on your mobile

The IvyHealth baby wireless thermometer allows you to measure your baby's temperature and control it through the free IvyHealth Kids application.


Automatic synchronization with the Smartphone thanks to IvySync technology.

Imagen de Haz un seguimiento detallado de tus variables corporales.

Constant monitoring with the IvyHealth Kids app.

Imagen de Haz un seguimiento detallado de tus variables corporales.

Detailed monitoring of the temperature by time zones and with the possibility of comparing different days.


Distinct advantages

Monitor your baby

Download the IvyHealth Kids app, monitor your baby's temperature at all times, receive alerts and share reports in a secure way.

Automatic connection without wifi

Thanks to its IvySync connection, the thermometer is automatically synchronized by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and without prior pairing.

Pleasant for the baby

The thermometer works through a small sensor located on the comfortable strap of the bracelet, very soft to the touch and made from hypoallergenic silicone.

The box contains

    • Baby wireless thermometer IVBT01
    • Button battery CR2025
    • Battery cover key
    • User manual in 16 languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Arabic and Korean)

More information

The baby wireless thermometer IVBT01 is designed for parents to place it on their baby around the arm, so the temperature sensor is in the child’s armpit and hence allowing the most accurate measurements.

The thermometer constantly sends the temperature to the App and the parents will be able to see and hear if it increases or decreases, since the App sends personalized alerts according to the temperature threshold preset by the user. In addition, they can share their child’s temperature with a single click.

It is only possible to see the temperature of the baby in the IvyHealth app. The thermometer stores temperature values every 10 minutes to track and compare to different days.

The thermometer works through a small and comfortable sensor that is located on the bracelet strap, very soft to the touch, made in silicone and is marketed in two colors: blue and pink.

8432471136513 / 8432471136520
Measuring ranges
35ºC – 42ºC
Some technical details:
  • Bluetooth LE Smart 4.0 + IvySync
  • Without LCD display
  • Precision: +-0.1ºC (35ºC – 42ºC)
  • Temperature / humidity for use: 5ºC a 40ºC / ≥15% ≤85%
  • Temperature / humidity for storage: -25ºC a +55ºC / ≥15% ≤85%
  • Battery: CR2025 (3.0V), battery button. 60 days (8 hours per day)
  • Measurement method: measurement of axillary temperature (axilla)
  • Infinite users.
More information:
  • The baby wireless thermometer IVBT01 allows baby’s temperature to be measured using a non-invasive system.
  • It is recommended to check the battery regularly.
  • The thermometer is not water resistant. The instructions for use should be read carefully.

Can the baby thermometer be used without the IvyHealth Kids app?

No. The baby thermometer has no display on the device itself, so the temperature can only be seen via the free IvyHealth Kids app.

Is IvyHealth and IvyHealth Kids the same app?

No. They are two different applications and both are free. The IvyHealth app connects to adult devices, while the IvyHealth Kids app connects to children’s devices, such as the baby thermometer.

Who are the users of this thermometer?

Babies and infants. The bracelet can be placed according to the diameter of the arm; it is suitable for an arm circumference of 130 to 204 mm.

Where is the thermometer placed?

On the child’s arm, in such a way that the sensor that takes the temperature is within the armpit cavity of the child.

Is the BLE connection method dangerous to the baby?

No, since radiation has a lot to do with power, and in that, the maximum emitted from a Bluetooth device is 100mW (to put it in perspective, the 3G or 4G networks make the phones operate in the range of 1,000 To 2,000 mW).

From what distance will the BLE connection work?

10 meters without dividing walls.

How often does the App, store the temperature of the baby?

The thermometer constantly monitors the temperature of the child, but stores the temperature every 10 minutes so that the user can compare them in three different time zones: 0-8 hours, 8-16 hours and 16-24 hours.

Can the thermometer be used for several children?

Yes, it allows the measurement of infinite users. You only need to register the profiles of the different children that are needed in the section “Management of Children”. When the user wants to take the temperature of a particular child, they can do so by selecting the profile of that particular child.

Can the thermometer be used while the baby is bathing?

No. It is not water resistant. It is recommended to read the user manual carefully.